Top Cash Gifting Programs
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Why does there seem to be so many new cash gifting programs each week?
We believe two of the attractive features of gifting programs is that you don't have to sell any products and people like receiving cash. So, despite the likely legal issues involved in the business there seems to be quite a few people who are interested in them until they get the full story.

Do you offer more alternatives to cash gifting programs in your recommendations?
The legitimate business alternatives to gifting with the same desired features are narrow at this time. We have made a few recommendations. The one recommendation, we did find that came the closest to gifting was an excellent choice because it was recently honored with a "5 STAR TOP BANNER" rating: ( IWIN ) because it satisfied the no selling feature most people want as well as passing the legal test too. Plus, they provided the best training / marketing system we ever reviewed. So, the feedback we keep getting is that this recommended business just makes a lot more sense than a gifting program yet without any of the baggage that gifting businesses all share. We would be happy to review and recommend other legitimate businesses that feature these same benefits of no selling, legal, above board etc, as they come to our attention.

When I checked on these gifting programs, there did not seem to be any real information on who was running them. Is that common?
You have to remember that these businesses are operating on the edge of the law at best. They like to suggest that they are tax free programs and don't have to sell products. The main reason for their lack of information as far as we can tell is that they don't want to get caught. If they were legitimate businesses that were operating within the law then why would they have to hide. We think the answer is obvious.

Aside from the legal issues with gifting, is there really anything wrong with gifting?
Well, we think a more appropriate description for these businesses would be cash taking. Most of these cash gifting programs talk about wanting to help others and sometimes comparing themselves to religious organizations which receive gifts. We really don't see any similarities with the organizations that the gifting programs want to be identified with. These cash gifting businesses are nothing but a thinly disguised veil for people to call strangers up and ask them to send them their money and expect nothing in return. Religious organizations do give quite a bit in return, these gifting programs do not. They keep taking. So, it appears to be an exact opposite of what they project.

Well, aren't people making money in gifting? If so, then it must work. What's wrong with that?
We're sure some people are making a lot of money in cash gifting but does that mean you will? The vast majority do not. Some people make money selling drugs too. Robbing banks, but that certainly does not make it right. Again, we feel there are better options out there that the average person can honestly benefit from with a clear conscience. If our members want to know if there is a real legitimate business that offers these features then, our goal here is to provide you with those answers and recommendations where possible. Where you can actually help others. That is what our membership is looking for and what we endeavor to provide our membership with.